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Le sirop de Grenadine était autrefois préparé à partir de grenades. A présent il est élaboré à partir d'eau, de sucre, d'acide citrique, de fruits rouges, de colorants et d'arôme. On le mélange à de l'eau ou à du lait.


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Wow. Could I BE more jealous of your night? Likely not.I used to work in Wicker Park/Bucktown/whatever the heck that is over there, and I loved, loved Piece & Forever Yogurt. (Well, I still do, but I try not to think about it and to fall in love with sialimr Crystal Lake places instead.) I think I would have gone to Forever Yogurt twice a day if I could have talked my co-workers into going with me.Hope your facial was fabulous! Hmmm. Maybe I will book some spa time tomorrow. I deserve it. Thanks for the inspiration!Lauren @ Forward is a Pace recently posted..

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